Life Hack

Growing on of the world's largest self-help brands

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LifeHack is one of the most visited personal growth sites, providing content on productivity, goal setting, and self-improvement. However, much of the content in the self-help space lacked practical, step-by-step guidance, instead relying on inspiration and motivation. LifeHack sought to differentiate by taking a more tactical, engineering mindset to creating time and improving lives. But their outdated brand identity and inconsistent messaging failed to convey this systematic approach.

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Our research found that LifeHack's audience wanted actionable guidance delivered efficiently. While inspiration has its place, LifeHack's users visited the site for practical hacks and systems that would multiply their productivity across life domains. Furthermore, competitive brands relied on flashy hype, while LifeHack had an opportunity to showcase their structured methodology in a clear, consistent way.


Leveraging their engineering roots, LifeHack adopted messaging that emphasized efficiency and systems. Their tone balanced practicality with inspiration, focusing on how-to's over motivation. Visually, their new identity leveraged visual metaphors for hacking to better illustrate their tactical approach. The resulting brand better conveyed LifeHack's unique role in providing an engineered system for living life to the fullest.

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We went through a long process meeting with other branding agencies and decided to choose CUT THRU because they really understood what we were looking for. They had a strategic, research based, data driven approach to branding and conversion centered design rather than just aesthetics and fluff.

Simon Lee | Managing Director