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Parachute is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Silicon Valley that provides IT and cloud services to businesses. As an MSP, Parachute manages clients' IT infrastructure and cloud services so the client can focus on their core business. While Parachute had built a solid reputation for excellent technical services over the past decade, their existing brand equity needed protecting even as their brand lacked personality and failed to reflect the company's forward-thinking approach. This was a brand refresh rather than a rebrand, as maintaining their hard-won brand recognition was important. Research showed that Parachute's people were exactly who you needed in case of any technical emergency, and despite this rebrand occurring during COVID lockdowns, local customers still wanted dedicated IT experts nearby. Many clients had inherited CTO roles and were not IT experts, so Silicon Valley was crying out for an outsourced IT department.

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Research showed that while Parachute's brand accurately conveyed their technical expertise, it completely missed representing the spirited and quirky personalities of their team. Customers saw immense value in Parachute's local roots and proximity, which strengthened trust and rapport even during remote work. To grow the business, Parachute needed an energetic refresh that maintained their reputation while feeling cutting-edge.


in conveying the company's vibrant personality while protecting their existing equity. We took inspiration from their name 'Parachute' and paired it with customers' need for robust, safe systems. Using the inside lines of a parachute as visual cues, we improved brand asset conversion rates. Knowing the space was typically dry, we drew on cultural IT jargon to make the brand more friendly as most customers felt out of their depth.

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It was clear after speaking 2 - 3 times with 5 legit, highly capable firms over those months that CUT THRU was the clear and absolute best choice. We are thrilled with the results.

Ashley Lukehart

Founder and Co-Owner