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Hyloh, a renowned materials and sustainability consultancy, assists top-tier clients like Apple, Mattel, L'Oreal, and Louis Vuitton in addressing their sustainability concerns. The challenge they faced was a common issue in their industry: presenting their brand and services in an accessible and comprehensible manner. Their messaging and visual communication were often laden with high-level jargon, making it difficult for potential clients to grasp the value Hyloh provides. Our goal was to create a more approachable brand for Hyloh, communicating their expertise in a less esoteric and more tangible way, ultimately enhancing their market appeal and accessibility.

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The research shed light on Hyloh's key strengths that set them apart from their competitors. First, Hyloh adopts a conciliatory approach, while others often leave clients feeling guilty for past mistakes. Second, Hyloh demonstrates genuine commitment by investing in the development of innovative and sustainable materials themselves. Furthermore, we discovered that even professionals in the sustainability field struggled to comprehend the lofty language used by most competitors.


Our research-driven strategy for Hyloh led us to reimagine the way complex sustainability concepts were communicated. Instead of relying on verbose descriptions, we turned to visual storytelling to make their offerings more tangible and engaging. To make Hyloh's services less abstract and more relatable, we focused on outlining their method and process with scientific precision. This approach provided clarity and showcased their expertise in addressing environmental and sustainability concerns. Additionally, we leveraged the beauty and uniqueness of the materials they discover and recommend, highlighting the aesthetic value of their solutions. The result was a revamped brand that not only clarified Hyloh's role as a sustainability consultancy but also educated people, giving them a deeper understanding as to the varying problems they solve and the process by which they solve them.

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"The final results were something we were delighted with."

Sarah D'Sylva

Founder | Hyloh