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How branding grew Talent Recap into one of Youtube's most watched channels with 13 million subscribers

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Talent Recap, one of the world's largest YouTube channels, had built a loyal fanbase of over 13 million subscribers. However, their brand messaging was inconsistent and failed to fully capture their unique fan-made approach. As they looked to expand their reach to 20+ channels and partner with more content creators, Talent Recap needed a brand refresh that would encapsulate their infectious energy and knack for curating viral, shareable clips.

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Our immersion found that Talent Recap's core strength was their authentic, fan-first perspective. As passionate fans themselves, the Talent Recap team had a keen ability to pinpoint the moments that would resonate and spread. This fannish obsession set them apart in a crowded content landscape. At the same time, partners and fans desired clarity on what Talent Recap stood for and why their content was so compulsively watchable. By codifying and amplifying Talent Recap's fan-made essence, we aimed to supercharge their appeal.


We positioned Talent Recap as the go-to destination for must-see fan moments. The new brand messaging emphasized their meticulous process of finding the best show clips and adding their unique flair, all "by fans, for fans." Our innovative approach included developing a comprehensive visual identity with custom emojis, digital characters, and a cohesive design language that evokes laughter and tears – key emotions driving viral content. These emojis enhance emotional engagement, increase watch time, and boost brand recall. Designed to evolve into full-fledged characters, they can host their own channels and appear at live events, solving Talent Recap's challenges with finding and retaining human talent. These digital characters have become valuable assets, enabling licensing opportunities and merchandise creation, diversifying Talent Recap's business model for a more stable future. The brand refresh has been a resounding success, with Talent Recap seeing revenue increases 3x the industry average. The creative assets propel viewership, strengthen brand loyalty, open new revenue streams, and forge strong audience connections. Talent Recap is now primed to bring more amazing clips to its ever-expanding network of 20+ channels and 13+ million subscribers.

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We've worked with CUT THRU on previous brands and have known them for years. Undoubtely they're the best branding agency in New York that we've worked with, by far. If it wasn't for them, Talent Recap wouldn't have the 13m subscribers we do or be one of the most watched Youtube channels in the world.

Chananya Bineth